Global Asset Location and Recovery Services


 Direct: 1-(954)-639-9094

All commissions are strictly contingent upon collection.  By returning our placement form or placing your claim online via our website you agree to our policy and procedures on reverse of claim form and listed below.  For additional questions or concerns regarding placement, please contact us directly at 954-639-9094.


We will acknowledge your claim after receipt and will provide progress reports should you require them.  Reporting occurs at the end of the calendar month and you may call us at any time for updates with existing claims.  Full reporting and internet access are available for high volume clients. 

Our Services Include:

Debt Collection, Skip tracing, Letter Service, NSF Check Recovery, Debt Restructuring, Judgment & Debt Purchasing, Cash Applications as well as Corporate Consulting.  We provide every resource a credit manager requires and are available for in-house collection training.

Legal Files:
If claims are forwarded to attorneys, there is a 10% additional suit fee.  Standard rates 33% apply to commercial & consumer debts less than 90 days old, zero agency unless otherwise established. 

Lumenor Policy and Procedures

Lumenor Credit LLC will collect your claims under the following policy:

1. We will comply with all federal, state, & local laws in the pursuit of your receivables.  Our collection activity will be courteous and professional maintaining your image and reputation.  We are licensed to perform debt collection and will do so observing FDCPA at all times and with your company’s interest placed first.  All accounts placed must be valid debts owed to client.

2. The fees we charge and any of our attorney fees, are contingent upon collection at the set fee rate.  Client agrees to notify Lumenor Credit immediately upon direct receipt of payment or adjustment and Lumenor Credit will invoice you the fee for the collection of payment received.  Agency charges interest from the delinquent account due date, and Agency may waive or retain interest at its sole discretion including to offset expenses incurred during recovery.  All fees are calculated on gross payments received.

3. Lumenor Credit has no authority to settle any debt for less than the full amount owed without your express permission except when debtor’s company is out of business.  Should debtor offer to settle in good faith when no corporate or personal liability remains, that shall constitute authority for Lumenor Credit to settle account at any dollar amount it chooses.

4. Client authorizes Lumenor Credit to endorse checks and negotiable instruments (money orders, drafts, cash etc.) into our non-interest bearing trust account, where remittances will be held pending clearance.  Once remittance has cleared, we will send you a check for the debtor’s payment less our fees.

5. If you withdraw files that are placed with our agency, you will be responsible for any and all current and future commissions due us or our attorneys.  Lumenor Credit reserves the right to offset.  Should you not support files placed or interfere with our efforts to recover your claims, that shall entitle Lumenor Credit or its attorneys to full collection charges and you agree to remit those within 10 days of request. 

6. Lumenor Credit will forward files to attorneys at its sole discretion.  Only you can authorize suit and should you do so, you will be required to pay any court costs.  The agency will not be obligated to file suit on any account referred by client.

7. Lumenor Credit will defend and indemnify client against any claims that arise out of our actions.  Client will defend and indemnify Lumenor Credit in any such action where cause is the result of incorrect information supplied by client, or any action committed by client during agency’s pursuit.

8. Lumenor Credit is entitled to 50% of the collection fee for returned merchandise (precious stones/semi- precious and jewelry claims excluded and are full collection charges).

9.  Client may audit from time to time during reasonable hours reviewing collection efforts, examining recording and remittance of payments and verifying compliance with this agreement